CV is like morning coffee…

Sooner or later there comes a moment when we have to sit in the armchair and analyze “what have I been doing so far?” After this hard reflection, an even worse moment comes – we have to put it on paper (more and more often PDF). And here are the problems …


What does a good CV even mean?

One that is colorful? Or maybe one in which we will post our best photo from the right profile? Or you just have to list everything – every single diploma received, from primary school to today? The truth is, there is some point in any of the above. The problem is, the situation is similar to sweetening coffee in the morning. Too much sugar – bad, but too little, also not good. It is exactly the same when writing a Curriculum vitae.

How much sugar should there be in this coffee?

There is no definite answer here. Each of us is different, everyone has experienced something special, and everyone has a different story. Believe me, if it weren’t for that, every recruiter in HR would quit this job after a year!

Resume from the recruiter’s perspective

Due to the fact that I have been working as a recruiter for a short time, sometimes I get questions “Stefan, how is this” perfect “CV supposed to look like?”. I will disappoint you – I don’t know. I have no idea what a perfect CV looks like. I only know the term of an effective CV. And it will be about him below. A good CV is divided into only 3 parts. These are important issues that can directly affect your recruiting success, so be careful;)

Three quick steps to make your CV more effective

     1. Stand out!

Relax, you don’t have to be a graphic designer;) There are many different pages where you can let your imagination run wild. I personally recommend – there are many ready-made and free templates; you can also bet on something of your own!

     2. Describe yourself!

Very often I only come across “dry” facts. I’ve been doing this and that, for so much and so; your resume cannot look like this! It just so happens that we are now moving away from focusing on competences themselves. Do you like running in the mountains or playing bagpipes? Don’t be afraid to write about yourself. Let the recruiter know about it in your Curriculum Vitae!

     3. Match your CV to the offer!

Focus on competencies that are key to the role you are applying for. If you want to take a strictly technical position, focus on technical matters – even if you are not an expert in something, it is worth noting that you have had contact with something. When applying for the position of ERP IT System Consultant, it is not worth writing about the experience you gained 4 years ago as a physical education apprentice in one of the primary schools.

You already know how to write a CV, what’s next?

Now sit comfortably in the armchair, take the above points to yourself and set the active profile on your phone! You will definitely get an invitation to the recruitment process;)

And if you would like to develop in the ERP world as a programmer or implementer, do not hesitate any longer, apply!

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