Do you need an ERP implementation in your company?


Do you need an ERP implementation in your company?


Become our Blinders!

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Become our Blinders!

CVBlinders - this is an alternative way of presenting your job profile to prospective employers. Check Apply


  • you have extensive experience in the field of ERP systems,
  • you want to find a job
or you are just curious about the current market in terms of ERP job offers,

you can contact us.

All you have to do is submit your CV with some additional information about your professional profile. In addition, you can provide employment conditions that are important to you, such as the willingness to work 100% remotely, company car, work with foreign clients, etc.

How it works?

Your Blind CV - a profile created from a CV, exclouding your personal data (anonymous), containing only the most important information from your professional CV, will be available on our website in the CVBlinders database, where it will then be viewed and analyzed by companies looking for Candidates like you. If a potential employer is interested in your profile, he or she may wish to meet you. Then it is up to you whether you want to participate in a recruitment meeting with a given company or not. We will provide you with all the details about the company and job offers, and we will ask any questions from the employer on your behalf.

Why is it worth to become a CVBlinders?


  • Check your value anonymously - by giving your financial expectations, you have a chance to get knowledge about whether other employers are able to meet your requirements and what are the trends in average earnings in your industry or related job.
  • It costs you nothing - you do not have to waste time browsing job offers, employers interested in your professional profile report their willingness to talk to you. Importantly, these will be only companies related to the ERP industry - both ERP consultaing companies, system producers and END customers using ERP system solutions.
  • Stay up to date with the labor market - you can get to know what the current labor market looks like - even if you are not considering a change of employment, there may be an offer that will be interesting and worth considering for you.
  • First-hand information - you have the opportunity to get to know the offer of other companies directly (these can also be companies you have applied to before), including what projects they run and what employment conditions they offer.

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